SSVI has expertise in the export and supply of non ferrous components like frictionless bearings, bushings and washers that fit into various assemblies of trucks and cars. Non ferrous components that assemble itself into Gearbox and Transmission Assemblies, Engine Assembly, Connecting Rod Assembly, King pin kits, Brake Assembly, Steering Assembly and Suspension Assembly are its forte.

The material commonly used in this application is CuSn5Pb5Zn5, CuZn31, SAE43.


The supply of components of non ferrous alloys used in the Earthmoving and Mining equipments is a very strong and fast growing business for SSVI. These are bushings that fit into the Boom assembly and also in the Track and Roller assembly of these machines. These components need to be very strong in wear and tear resistance and also need to undertake heavy axial load and hence need to have very good axial load taking capacity. The material used in these components need to have optimum Ultimate Tensile Strength and elongation properties.

The material commonly used in these components is SAE430A, SAE430B, HPS 010 or JIS5102 (HBs Class4).
Fire Fighting

This is the newest range of products that are successfully developed and exported by SSVI, to various clients in different countries. The major components in this range are all the internals of a Deluge Valve like piston, piston rods, piston seat, valve disc, valve seat, and guide way.

The general raw material used in this kind of products and application is IS 318 LTB2.
General Engineering

Due to our strong engineering background and sound technical support, we are able to undertake and develop and kind of components and products of non ferrous material like brass and bronze and even very special graded material.

We already have some customers who we supply components for Plastic Moulding Machines, Gear Blanks for Motors, Multi Drilling and Multi Tapping Machines etc.

The general raw material used in these kind of components is either IS: 28-1985 Gr-4, C90700, etc.

We also manufacture the components in the specifications required by the customers.